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The art of world-class design

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The Arvada Center in Arvada, Colorado, is more than just an art space. The non-profit center is a community hub, bustling with live events, more than 600 classes, camps and exhibitions that celebrate creativity and inspiration. They came to us to reinvent an intuitive, easy-to-use navigation system for their website that highlights all the different categories of the Arvada Center’s many events.






Requirements gathering
System architecture
UX/UI design research
Front/Back end development
Digital strategy
Quality assurance


Technical requirements documentation
Styled component libraries
User testing
eCommerce integrations
Content migrations

We highlighted the creativity and connection at the heart of Arvada

We wanted to strengthen Arvada’s creative connection and provide a seamless user experience that made it just as easy for a burgeoning artist to find the right class as it was to provide that information on the backend. We created a vibrant interface that showcased their amazing library of event photography and video with a clean layout.

Arvada needed highly sophisticated abilities to search, sort and filter, create courses and manage ticket sales for events for more than 30 mainstage productions and more than 90 classes per season. We brought down the search-to-ticket in inbox process from 6 clicks to just 3 clicks.




The Arvada Center uses Tessitura, a common platform for arts and culture events organizations. We migrated the platform from a custom, on-premises CMS to a headless Agility CMS with Tessitura to create customized component controls to allow authors and publishers on the backend to get as creative as possible with content. We simplified the process so that users across departments got the improvements they needed, whether it was the flexibility to create micro-experiences within the pages of each class period or creating new site content.


We aimed to create seamless integration so that the Arvada team could present any of the data contained within their back office system such as event times, seat selection process and transactions such as refunds and returns. We exposed data from the backend to the user seamlessly while providing unlimited control of the experience.


We integrated our project manager with the Arvada team so we could manage different aspects of the redesign according to the needs of each department, which had different needs around task management and risk reporting. The result is a visually-arresting website with new ways of implementing Agility that serves the creative needs of the Arvada Center that is as beautiful to look at as it is to navigate.

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone for all of the help getting this website launched. We are getting SUCH positive feedback on the navigation of the site and the bells and whistles. Thank you so much for everything!!

Marcus Turner Director of Communications

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