Helping small businesses grow with a world-class digital platformHelping small businesses grow with a world-class digital platform

Helping small businesses grow with a world-class digital platform

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They say the only things you can count on in life are death and taxes and Intuit Canada has the taxes covered. Intuit’s accounting software helps businesses of all sizes keep track of their money and file taxes every April. The key to Intuit’s success is how easy and safe it is for customers to use their online platforms to manage their money. When Intuit approached us, we knew that we had to bring our A-game to redesign aspects of Intuit’s established site while maintaining flow and security for users.



Adobe Experience Manager


Requirements gathering
AEM architecture
UX/UI design research
Front end development
Digital strategy
Quality assurance


Information Architecture
Technical requirements documentation
UI designs
eCommerce integrations
AEM Development
Content migration

Reimagining the Intuit website helped grow their business

Millions of users turn to Intuit for their accounting and tax needs and Intuit needed help organizing the resulting information, as well as managing and moving massive amounts of content from one platform to another. We created a platform that allowed the Intuit team to manage their marketing and sales content effectively and provided advanced product calculators to enable customers to move through the decision and buying cycle faster. We created a site that helps the overall Inuit business grow, and developed and migrated multiple websites across the B2B businesses into all of Canada.




Intuit head office is based in the US and uses Adobe AEM, so we chose to use the same platform to ensure a global integration. We also integrated smaller platforms based on microcomponents of Intuit Canada’s business into the larger platform using ReactJS, Sightly and SASS with block element modifiers.


In the accounting and tax business, compliance is key. We created a framework and workflows to inventory that ensured legal and accessible compliance within content and managed the production of a new contract that allowed the Intuit team to easily upload new content. We performed platform integrations with several internal and external systems including the marketing CRM, the Intuit product itself and e-commerce and transactional components.

We helped streamline Intuit’s unstructured source content, sorting out inline code and ad hoc html. Splitting the migration process into an automated phase, we parsed and converted existing pages into consumable JCR content nodes and a manual phase backed by a rigorous quality control process and manual content entry to ensure pixel perfection across all viewports. Through complex planning and development of components and sites on Adobe AEM, we created a tactical presentation of layer code development that would ensure representation of the new design system would be reflected on the site across all viewports.


As Intuit needed us to migrate the site into an existing AEM platform, we created a number of components using ReactJS that passed properties from the CMS via HTL. We leveraged the highly detailed design system Intuit had created, but also contributed our own design styles for new components that we created.

Deconstructing the navigation with a focus on improving user flow allowed users to find accounting products quicker and more efficiently. We divided the navigation into multiple levels and reorganized the main categories to support fewer clicks. We also designed a brand new tax module featured on the homepage which allowed users to select, learn and get support for virtually every tax scenario Intuit ProFile offered.

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